Your eyes cannot see everything.

The world is bigger than your sight…

Your eyes cannot see the things. You can see objects only because the light crash on them. You can see only reflected light… Enter in a room full of things, try to turn off the light. You see anything? No. But the objects are still there waiting…but your eyes don’t see. Now you know. You have a weak tool. So weak  that you will be a great mistake in belive only in your sight. The reality is not only in what your eyes can see or your ears can hear so you cannot belive that exist only what your weak senses perceive. There are a lot of presences out there…you are not alone…never… the only things you have to know is if the flowing presences are Angels or Demons.

Winning isn’t it?

When you feel a breathe through your hair, when feel a groundless shiver, or  a feeling of cold,  when you will have the strong feeling to be observed, then…. Are you not alone, "Someone has come to find you"!!!



Fantasy parody with protagonist one decidedly dissacrante dwarf female


Roman paranormal and weird tales